Monday, January 27, 2014

Sweet Poem from Masood Bai!

Sir Masood Bai is my favourite Indian Manager at work, when he heard that I am leaving, he wrote a poem as a farewell gift. My heart was greatly moved....

We all had a supper with the guest Ronalyn
Such a taste of the food which we ate never been
This all has happened due to presence of the queen
And the queen of the eve is the queen Ronalyn

We are proud in the office that we have one moon
But the light of that moon we will lose very soon
We wish that she continue at least up to June
But she is right to grab the coming fortune

She works with all like foes and friends
And she manage the works with beautiful trends
She follows straight way which does not have bends
She lives in our hearts but without paying rents

We had such a colleague which we cannot forget easy
Without Ronalyn we will feel very dizzy
She is humble, she is noble, she is helpful, and she is caring

But without her presence, it will be really very boring...
<Lemon Grass_ 2014.01.27 with Sir Shaji Bai, Sir Masood Bai, Awais Bai, Sir Ben, Jo-an & yours truly>

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