Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Last Part

The last month of the year whisked away very fast. It swept from a silent start to a grand finale. Many things happened unexpectedly. friends suddenly getting married.
(And then they will eventually move and drift off to family life.)
.....and managers getting promoted.
(and they will then rise up to invisible ranks)
etc. etc. etc.
The letters in the computer screen's a little blurry as am typing now. A friend gave a bottle of casella wine the other day....and my mother left a cut of ham yesterday. Perfect combination. Half and half already occupied my stomach.
An hour ago, together with 50+ other first-timers, we were all desperately throwing 7-kilo balls in Zayed Sports City. In celebration of the year-end, our company hosted a bowling tournament among our staffs. It's great fun, period. We first filled our stomachs with pizza, and then awarded our pre-elected staffs with money and then hit the lanes with vengeance. So, Bowling is all about sharp eyes and strong arms, that's it.
Koreans play great bowling.
I wonder how they do it. Why do they have these thin bodies yet were able to throw the heavy balls smoothly forward with ease? While us, Filipinos-Indians-Arabs we all have super-duper-extra huge bodies  but still have to exert a huge effort just to hit a pin (clumsily too).
Our team is the best and the noisiest I guess. I love you guys!

Great colleagues. great company. great evening. great month. Great year!

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. 
-by Confucius

Monday, December 24, 2012

So, It's Christmas....(part 2)

Merry Christmas ECC!
This tradition of ECC, where people of all nations gather together in a an evening of music and praises is a happy ending every year. Each country will have their own presentation so we enjoy listening to various christmas songs in different languages - the most pleasing mixture of various faces and voices and skin colors ever!
<South Africa>                     <South Korea>
<Indonesia>                               <South India>
<Nigeria>                       <The Philippines>
(and many more countries)


So, Its Christmas...(part 1)

Merry Christmas SKEC (PISA)!
<Abu Dhabi - SKEC Family>
Christmas is about giving....So we exchanged gifts.... worth AED 50 each :)
<PISA's leader of the pack - Sir PM surrounded by his children....>
Conclusion: We, the SK (korean/filipino)staff of PISA loves taking photos of ourselves we pose for photos here and there

<.... and again and again....>
<I love this shot!> 
<we got the most good looking Filipinos and also the most handsome Koreans in the whole UAE>

***just blooperssss!***

Company cultures are like country cultures.
Never try to change one.
Try, instead, to work with what you've got.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


<looking down Elektra - Hamdan Street from the window>
Standing by the window of my rented room-home, I look down and watched the city in the dark for 10minutes and then my heart started to miss my real home.
I grew up in a small village, surrounded by mountains and the sea. 
Maybe in your part of the earth, you are blessed with 4 seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. While in the Islands of the Philippines, we enjoy simply 2 seasons - either its Rainy or its Sunny. 
<The Nipa Hut>
In our small villages, the Nipa Hut serves as a very comfortable home. Even now that there are many concrete buildings, we still keep nipa huts beside our houses where our grandparents like to sleep or just take rest together with our chickens, and cats and  dogs and birds and their nests perched on the bamboo roof. Instead of watching TV, we love to sit in the nipa hut among families and friends, simply sharing stories and laughter. It is a favorite hang-out place.
<tobacco business>
Sorry folks it is not suppose to be proud of, but one of our main product and probably the most profitable is tobacco. We plant the tobacco seed, we cook the tobacco leaves and then we sell them to the bigger companies who finally will process and export them, we create the cigarettes :( 
<each family owns at least a family of cows as well. >
We all have our own our rice fields, so we plant our own vegetables and we tend our own flocks of chicken and cows. Food supply is all fresh.
<The Jeepney, Philippines' own unique creation. This can cross a river too!>
<From the mountains rainwater flows through our streets towards the sea all throughout the rainy season. There are no fishes because the water is shallow but there are lots of frogs and even crabs when you're lucky (winks!).>
"No one realizes how beautiful it is 
to travel until he comes home and 
rest his head on
 his old, familiar pillow." 
~ by Lin Yutang