Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What's Next?

courtesy of Gulf News 2008

Today, I woke up, looked at my cellphone time, its 5:30 and felt confused if its PM or AM. National Holiday ngayon ng UAE, in short alang pasok (no work). So –NO rush in the bathroom,  NO akbar driver or company bus, NO 1hour long drive going to Mussafah, NO J143 urgent-urgent materials-urgent meeting-urgent crane-urgent invoice-urgent -lunch! Al Hamdulilla!

Just finish reading a book about NLP, very interesting!
Also finished the laundry, taken my big breakfast (yakisoba+boogles+rice meal), disposed the trash, organized my bedroom-este-bedspace, read the gulfnews, broken my lamp, broken my slippers, used my new slippers, charged my CP, updated my 2009 to-do-list, daydream,  listened to my fav songs. Now, sitting here thinking what to do next, where to go and when to move :>
I missed my work and my colleagues…
I learned priceless lessons from people I work with;
  1. I learned from my first boss to look straight in the eyes when talking to big (important) men and never-ever feel inferior, all men are just men (no superman exists!).
  2. My second boss taught me that “there’s no ‘friends’ in business”, treat everyone alike, in the end we need profit not sympathy.
  3. My third boss thought me that we need to note the good things from people, so that when we remember them, we’ll recall what’s good about them (no matter how cruel they are).

 I also learned:
  • from ate Christy- to be caring
  • from Karen- to be simple and sweet
  • from kuya Arman- to take things lightly and be happy
  • from kuya Alfred- how to speak maturedly
  • from Ahmad- to appreciate again the beauty of art
  • from Ricky- to act young and free
  • from Gen and Analuz- to be efficient at work
  • from Joseph- to be silent when everyone’s noisy
  • from ate Aysha- how to laugh even when angry
  • from kuya Raymond- how to ignore someone even he’s shouting
  • from Gerwin to look cool even under the hot-hot sun
  • from Ronnie to give your best effort at work
  • Etc, etc, etc.
Well I’ll just go for shopping I think, ADCB just texted I got my November salary. J
Au revoir!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

What I did in China

Its late in the evening here in the Airport. I am flying to Beijing. My boss sends me there alone. He don't realize what he is doing.

In the final waiting area in front of gate 2, I felt alone in the ocean of Chinese faces even if I look like chinese. The flight is delayed so I have another hour listening to the crowd (“shuna”-“shingwa”-“shichang!”) and shivering in this 15⁰C lobby. 

2:30 PM, Oct.19, 2008. I’m in Foshan Hotel in Guangzhou. It is my first time to sleep in a 5 stars hotel. 
"The Canton Fair 2008 Guangzhou"
For almost 3 days straight all we did is walk-walk-walk in the canton fair. I still did not cover the whole area of the fair... sore feet. 
(from left: rona, jusef, ray, 3friends of ray)
But I like the warmth and politeness of the Chinese (well 90% of them at least are very polite). One of their unique characteristics is the way they hand you their name card. They use both hands and slightly bow their head at you, very polite yes?
Rona with Ray Sun
Ray Sun, a chinese bussiness woman and my boss partner have been very kind and hospitable. She is still young but already very successful with her own company. She is always travelling around the world selling her products. She is a very confident but humble person.

Ray have a friend and business partner, Jusef, from Peru. Jusef is very energetic and he is happy to be with all the time.
Jusef 'dal-dal' hehehe
I like Jusef. He is so honest and humble. He built his own firefighting company in 4 years, now a millionaire (in dollars). 
Friends- Ray and Jusef
Both Ray and Jusef are workaholics. From morning till night they continuously discuss business, new orders, old orders, future orders, probable business opportunities…blah blah blah, ooops! The day’s over.
We visited our kitchen supplier factory, middle size, it is one out of the hundreds in the area.
We also visited the showrooms for workstations. It’s HUGE, period.  Amazed at the many shinny glasses and stainless steel tables and chairs.
Butler Factory
We visited the factory of Butler in Tianjin, 2-3hours away from Beijing (by car). Butler’s a competitor of Zamil Steel. Head office based in Australia and currently have 3 factories in China alone. They have very wide arrays of Flat roof and wall aluminum panels. Butler has an impressive broad technical design also. End of day- rode in a 335Km/Hr train going back to Beijing the bullet train is so fast!
with Coco after the train ride from Tianjin
I sat in Ray’s office and discussed with Coco our hard wares bulk order.
This is Ray's office
We visited the “feet” market. Lots of cheap things there! Unforgettable shopping experience. Ray bought a necklace and earrings for me as gift. tsk tsk tsk...I have to wear it, aaagh.

We had a “xiabu-xiabu” dinner, so this is the 'real' one.
this is the 'real' xiabu-xiabu
We climbed the great wall.
Just one brick please? take out one brick...get as souvenir
The wall total length is around 5000Km running from east to west of China near Mongolia. It is said from one legend that in every brick laid in the great wall, there is a human bone buried from the remains of the laborers who build it 3000years ago...very scary.
Coco Im tired!

I’m back in Beijing Airport waiting area.

I learned a lot during my stay in China:
  • I learned that the Chinese are one of the most polite and hospitable people in the world, even the most serious Chinese would smile back at you if you smile at them.
  • I learned from Jusef-my new friend that Perunians (people from Peru:)) love to dance. They have a custom to dance salsa and similar dances among their families at least every week for fun. What a good way to spend time with family and relatives.
  • I learned from Coco my new young Chinese friend to always be simple and innocent. People usually lose these traits once they step in the UAE. We become rough and adamant around people. Sometimes we should also relax around family and trusted friends as well.
  • I learned from Michael how to show unlimited love to our loved ones with selflessness and humility, while maintaining respect for each other.
  • I learned from Ray that doing business is possible in between friends and relatives too.
  • And I learned that we must grab all opportunities to enjoy life and be happy in spite of our problems at the workplace. 
  • We have just do what we want and experience what we like and say what we feel as long as this makes us happy and as long as it is not harmful to other people. Ray also taught me that in the world of business ruled by men, girls like us who needs to enter it must be physically attractive first and then the intellect follows after.
Life continues to teach us...
The Great Wall: It is breath taking
Au revoir!