Thursday, June 27, 2013

Farewell Mr. Vice President...

(another goodbye...)
Someone once told me, 
"Life is like a game of chess...
We have to move the pieces one by one to place them in the right spot;
Every move is important and sometimes there are some pieces that we have to sacrifice,
Just to be more stronger and to be able to finally win the fight...."

Today at work all the staffs ate lunch together.
Our PM invited us to a nice Thai Restaurant near our project site.
It is a secret farewell party. For the VP.
We had happy talks, about the place and food, about life,
about families here and home, about many things, except about our situation at work.
After 2 hours we all headed back to our offices and worked again as if nothing happened.
This is my construction company. Full of drama.
(the Pinoy group)
(the Hindi mixed)
(the Arab mixed)
(the Pinoys mixed)
(the international group hehe)
(27.06.2013_the Noodle House, Souq Qaryat Al Beri)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A day without laughter is a day wasted

hilarious text joke

the truth, man vs Iphone
"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
-by Charlie Chaplin 

Making Memories in my Heart

I love June! 
(big lunch box....hehe)
This is a free lunch box from Al Jaber Catering, our new company.
Some of us are not priviledged to receive it, but thanks I got free boxes last week.
Inside, it has 2 types of rice, a vegetable dish, a meat dish, fruit for desert and juice.
Three of my friends shared it with me.
I learned that free food especially when shared is always delicious.

One Saturday evening, my colleagues and me got down the eastern mangroves to have picnic.
It is very hot in the UAE now because it is summer. But still there are lots of fun and food and photo shoots for 2 hours, as the sun sets peacefully in the background.
(eastern mangroves)
(potluck: pansit, lumpia, carbonara, salad,adobo, etc)
(the weather is humid and hot, we are all sweating hard but still happy) 

<chuchi, gayni, beautiful rona, rommel, ate christy>
<joan, neil, kuya ben, jonel, ermie>
(28.06.2013_beijing restaurant)
“In all of living, have much fun and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” 
- by Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, June 21, 2013

Two Masters

One morning while focusing to work normally in the office,
one manager gave me a video documentary about the Himalayas in Nepal.
He heard that I wanted to go there previously but I was not able to.
I almost cried.
Not because of Nepal but because I felt someone still cares.

Since last month, getting by in my workplace everyday have been very very hard.

Serving 'two masters' really is impossible.
It makes you crazy.

Now I have '2 masters'.
One on the right and one on the left.
I feel torn when both sides calls me at the same time.
Where shall i run first?

I feel desperate when I ask for solutions to problems but both sides ignore me.
Will the problem solve itself?

I recently feel guilty to bite a piece of bread (i think given to me out of pity) while my other friends get hungry.

I feel angry when I  received 'sorry' instead of simple guidance and direction.
Oh life! I am starting to hate the word 'sorry'...

What is 2dhs? what is a 5 minute clarification? what is a small respect?
What happened to people whom I have admired and looked up to before?

Toys do not get hurt. But we are all human beings.

This is not about professionalism.
This is about policy and its stupidity.

I never had a policy;
I have just tried to do my very best each and every day.
~ by Abraham Lincoln

Friday, June 14, 2013

Body for Sale

[photo credit: google images]
It is about 10 PM on a Thursday.
My mother and me were walking towards my accommodation.
We noticed there were many people standing in one corner of the street.
Thinking there was an accident, we walked on to see what is happening.
In the middle of the crowd I saw them, the girls wearing tight short skirts.
I said, "Mama, let's get out of here."
It was a pick-up area.
A car stopped in front of us, "Ronalyn! What are you doing here!?"
Oh shocks. Sitting inside the car was one of our CM at work.
I quickly waved and said "Hi, sir!" and dragged my mother out of that dark place.

Prostitution obviously exist around the city.
But why is it being ignored and not addressed by the government?

One of my friends said:
"If I am the ruler, I will allow it, I will make prostitution legal.
This country needs it.
Here, there are many laborers, and more men than women.
It will help them meet their basic physical need.
Otherwise they may become violent.
This outlet will help reduce the crime rate of the country."

He may have a valid point.
But looking back to my own home country, it is worst.
Our capital, the city of Manila had been
recently named as "the gates of hell" by famous author Dan Brown.
One of the reason is because of its 'horrifying sex trade'.

I don't know about you,
but for me I feel it is somehow very, very sad.
Even scary.

Legal or not legal,
Our bodies are still the home of our souls.
It deserves to be taken cared of and treated with respect.

If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred.
-by Walt Whitman

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Simple Birthday Wish...

Can I make 33 wishes?
Here we go:
1. Ten (10) or more cheerful greetings from people I love. > Oh. I am still getting countless of greetings :)
2. Three (3) or more warm hugs from people who loves me.> got 1 on 21st & 4 hugs on 26th ^^
3. A blessing from my nanang.
4. To hear the laughter of my nieces and cousins all at the same time.
5. To hear "iloveyou" from my mother and brother.
6. To hear "Bravo! You did a great job" from my new boss.>He said "thanks for your efforts today!"
7. Forgiveness from people who do not like me.
8. Praise from people who likes me.> got more than 10 praises from friends.
9. A day off spent reading and relaxation in Emirates Palace.
10. My annual work leave application approved.
11. Renewed visa stamp on my passport.> got it on 24th thanks!
12. A happy dinner together with our department team.> we had a happy lunch with all our staff on 27th
13. Star cinema with colleagues.
14. Tour the UAE with friends.
15. Buffet Lunch at Al Fanar.
16. Picnic in the park.> on 22/06 at mangroves with friends
17. To enter in the Burj Al Arab.
18. To ride a camel.
19. Be able to drink a cold beer on the rooftop.
20. To enjoy a 'shisha' party with friends.
21. A bike ride along cornice.
22. Own domain name for my blog site.
23. Autographed book from bro. Bo Sanchez.
24. A gift given secretly. Any gift.> got several already!
(small precious gifts I found randomly on my desks hehe)
 25. A handmade birthday card.> from my crazy friends see picture below! hahaha!
(unique birthday card from crazy friends!)

26. Ice cream cake. > thanks got it on 26th
(ice cream cake)
<with extra eggpie also!>
27.  Bouquet of roses.
28. Someone to cook Pakbet especially for me, Ilokano style.> Saluyot is ok. Ate for lunch on 23rd.
29. To received at least 10 photo greetings in facebook or email.>1 only but more than 10msgs (lazy friends)
30. My article to be published in Abu Dhabi week or Tempo.
31. A chance to watch a baby sleep in my arms.
32. To see and touch an angel.> done 22/06
33. Love. Lots and lots of love.>My heart is already overflowing...Thank you Lord!

My prayers to receive it all before the 28th of this month. Thanks hehe.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Touch Me Not!

I feel dizzy. I stood up and nearly fell down.
This is not hangover hehe.
Last night I experienced my first ever full body massage.
May I share my experience to you, dear friends....
Yes, I have never allowed anyone to touch my body without my permission.
But for the sake of curiosity I surrendered myself to 'ate' (the lady massage therapist) for 80 minutes.

When I entered the hotel I am so nervous.
But my mother was there waiting and very happy to see me, so I smiled and pretended to be cool.
My mother took off with an elderly lady and another 'ate' welcomed me and said, 'follow me'.

I entered the room, it is dark and I feel scared when I saw the bed, I thought 'that is the torture chamber'.
She handed me a small packet and said 'remove your clothes and put this on' (don't ask me what it is).
She said she will come back after 1 minute and left me alone in the room.
I silently undress thinking I still have 1 minute to run away and escape.

But I obediently followed the instructions, laid on my stomach and covered myself with the towel.
I could hear a soft music playing in the back ground.
Ate came back and asked how I feel.
I said this is my first time and I don't know what to do.
She laughed and said all I need to do is relax and enjoy.
And then the heavenly process started.
She started massaging my upper shoulder, going down the waist and then my legs and feet.
She massaged and knead my arms, and then back to my shoulders and finally my head.
Ohhh I love it!
After 1 hour I fell asleep. It is over.
She said I have to slowly stand up and drink water before coming out to the reception.
But I just like to sleep :)

Conclusion: Massage relaxes the muscles of the body as well as the mind, it feels very good.
<photo credit: Eden Spa, Le Meridien Hotel>
 Everyone should definitely surrender their body for a relaxing massage!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Love or Responsibility

<'nanang' and 'manong' 05.06.13>
"Wishing our Islamic nation a blessed Is'raa Wal Miraj...."

This welcome sms wakes me up this morning.
Our Muslim brothers shares this holiday with us today, 06-June-13.

We have free time for 2 days and I wanted to go out of the UAE and visit Qatar since it is near and only 30 minutes flight, but the embassy says that you should have an existing valid visa at least 6 months.
My visa is expired and my passport is also expiring after 6 months. Oh life!

I have a heated debate yesterday with a friend.
Our topic is about the responsibility of children over their parents.
He said that children are responsible for their parents when they grow older.
I said that children are not responsible but parents are responsible for their children.
Now maybe you think I am a bad daughter. Let me explain please.
When parents decided to have a child, at the start, they are responsible.
Children depends on their parents for everything. 
The parents take care of their babies, they feed them, they guide them and then provide for schooling.
It is the parents responsibility.
Children are entitled for home and for protection and development.
But for children, it is their own choice, not their obligation to care for their parents when they grow old.
I believe that if a child is cared for and loved by the parents, when the child grow up as adult, undoubtedly  he or she will  return their love and respect without conditions.
Children should take care of the parents because of love and not because of duty. 

I suddenly missed my mother. I realized that although we are both working here in the UAE, we still do not spend time with each other. So last night I called her and asked her out for a date. I figure that she love to have a spa so I checked online for special promotions and found that most are fully booked for the holiday. I reserved 2 special body treatment in the evening and then planned to take her for dinner afterwards. I hope it all goes well. I have never been to a full body massage before. I feel weird just imagining to remove my shirt and/or my bra so that a stranger can touch my skin 'oh shocks!' But my mother will be happy to spend this time with me together. So bring it on!