Saturday, June 07, 2014

Fined because of StarBucks

Before I do not have a car and I wished I had. Now that I have, I wish I don't have. 

You have to search for hours for parking slot and pay Dhs15 ($4) everyday. You have to pay for car wash for Dhs30 ($8) at least once a week. And there's tons of traffic violations to avoid, they're just waiting for you to make a mistake. Like tonight, after having a happy dinner with friends I parked just outside the coffee shop (we need to enjoy an expensive cup once in a while), after 30minutes, horror upon horrors, I saw a small piece of paper stuck in my windshield-ouch! I forgot to pay the parking fee, so I am fined for 100 times more the actual fee! Grrrr! 
total traffic fines, 2 months after buying a car...

 expensive car wash, what to do? it is so hot outside that I can not afford to clean it myself

 Anyhow, still happy that I was able to be with these great friends again after 4 long months of leaving them....

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