Thursday, February 06, 2014

Final Final Goodbyes!

Today at 4 PM our office staffs surprised me with a party. It is my last day in our company. They expressed their love and support and despite the sadness of saying goodbyes I felt grateful of the good relationship we have developed during the 2years of working together.

It is very kind of them to prepare cake, KFC, and pizzas with extra speech from the big boss and sweet farewell notes too.

They also gave an appreciation letter signed and stamped from both companies I worked with- Al Jaber and SKEC- by both Project Managers. Both were very kind and supportive.

My stomach was filled with food and my heart was filled with joy. I am very, very humbled.

This week have lots of goodbyes and farewell foods. Earlier we enjoyed our last time together with a huge 'sherry fish lunch' in an Indian restaurant so our stomachs have no more room to fit the cakes and KFCs...they're ready to burst.
 Here in the Indian restaurants, it is more fun to eat using your hands....spoons and forks are neglected.

<PISA conference room_2014.02.06 final final goodbyes signing ceremony from bosses and colleagues>

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